Re: Type 11 Error with Macintosh V0.87b3

Dave Banks (
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 00:03:01 -0800

> > I recently download this software but every time I try to run the software
> > I wind up with an Type 11 error. I'm running the software on a Macintosh
> > Performa 5300 with a 100MgHHZ PowerPC 603 chip, and an AV card. 32 MB of
> the best way to get rid of a type 11 error is to upgrade to macos 7.6.x or
> macos 8.x.

Even with only system 7.5.5 you should be able to run on that computer
without (as many) type 11's. Just make sure you have upgraded as far as
you can for both the system and open transport which should be at
1.1.2. These upgrades are free and can be downloaded from Apple's ftp

I've had this running on a 601-75MHz 7200 which has to be the squirliest
machine I've ever dealt with so I'm as sure as can be that it will work
for you without having actually tried it myself.

The rest of that advice was good if this doesn't work but I'd add to
it to just increase the memory allocated to CUSeeMe first via the get
info command and don't try to run other programs while you are testing
it out. This will often get rid of type 11 errors.

Good luck,
Dave Banks