Re: Changing video codecs???

Jason Williams (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 15:22:02 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997 wrote:
> My daughter has CuSeeme version 3.0 with Win 95. I have CuSeeme version
> 2.12 with Win 3.1. When she sends video using MPG Video codedc I cannot
> see her with Win 3.1.

Make sure she upgrades to CU version 3.1 if she has a serial #. It's the
lesser of two evils. :)

> My question is how can she change her vidoeo codec to CuSeeme Grey Codec so
> that I will be able to see her and not have her listed as a lurker.
> I am new to this so if someone could walk me thru this step by step, I
> would be nost appreciative. Thnx for any help.

There's two ways for her to do it..
If she's NOT connected to anywhere:
1) Load up the PhoneBook, click Test Setup
2) In the middle of the screen is a setting for Codec...Click it and
select Cornell CU-SeeMe Gray
3) Click OK
4) Connect
If she's already connected to you:
1) Click Customize...drop down to Configuration and select it
2) In the lower half of the screen will be a selection for Codec..Click it
and select Cornell CU-SeeMe Gray
3) Click OK

If she's already connected to you in color and then switches to B&W and
you're using the Cornell 0.84b7 version, you'll have to disconnect and
reconnect to see her. (Invalid null assertion errors)

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