Re: question for the gurus

Jason Williams (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 15:39:10 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Alvena Hyde wrote:
> My fiance and I just cu-seeme for the picture part, but for the chat we
> use the application "Atchat" by works good,
> because if the cu freezes, we still have the chat to discuss it so we
> don't lose total connection that, it gives notification of
> when your buddy is on line and is the only freestanding chat app, as far
> as I know, that does direct point to point connection)...

Sounds like another ICQ-type application (
I've never really had a problem with Chat on CU-SeeMe....As long as my
rates are correct (max send = 15 ; max receive = 28) I don't have a
problem with chat loss. As far as CU freezing...last time I had a serious
problem with that was on the old Cornell 0.84b7 versions.
There are lots of freestanding chat apps in one sense... ICQ has a chat
module for win95/NT/3.1 users (still coming for the Mac I believe) which
uses point to point. The server can go down and you can still keep on
chatting. Ichat's pager on the other hand..uses some sort of server that
that created for chat...but I've seen a lot of "Instant message services"
pop up lately.

> My question is, if we slow down the picture transmission, will that
> affect the atchat speed any? It's already faster than the cu chat for
> us...but we're always looking toward better things.

If you're both sending 28kbps, then that would slow down anything related
to the net. I still recommend a max send of 15. If you're sending <20kbps
or so, it shouldn't speed up chat much at all (if any).

> They are two separate applications, but working on the same
> connection...I don't know enough about it to even guess...anyone care to
> respond?

Many people run ICQ and CU-SeeMe at the same time..As long as you have
enough memory for it (which is asking a lot if you're running Enhanced
CU), it shouldn't pose any problems.

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