"Trace Route" discrepancies

John Ingham (johningh@tafe.sa.edu.au)
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 17:29:55 +1030

Recently when connecting with a friend in Alabama from Australia, we each
did a "Trace Route" and were astounded to discover that the path taken to
get from "A" to "B" was completely different from that to get from "B" to

I have always assumed that both directions of a CU-SeeMe connection
traversed the same pathway (but in opposite directions). Could it be that
this is not so? Could this also be a reason why sometimes the observed
frame rate is quite different one way that the other, and why Audio can be
good one way and bad on the return path?

Of course even if both outgoing and return data does take exactly the same
path, traffic loadings will vary in each direction and this can impact upon
the available bandwidth. But it would be interesting to know if CU-SeeMe
data necessarily travels on the same path in both directions.

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