Re: firewalls

Chris Silverberg (
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 08:42:46 -0500

At 3:28 AM -0500 on 12/9/97, Jason Williams wrote:

> Thanks for the correction..I didn't know this...
> The odd thing the 3.1 preview 2 Readme..all it says is:
> You may not be able to receive video through some firewalls unless you are
> also sending video.

Yup, i wonder how many people have been fighting with CU-SeeMe thinking
that they had their firewall configured properly, but couldn't get MJPEG to

I would assume you are correct, this would probably have to be an issue for
both Mac and PC versions of Enhanced CU-SeeMe. Unless White Pine was
treating the Mac client differently, but i find this doubtful.

Just as a followup, I brought up ECU and ran StreamWatcher so I could find
out exactly what ports were in use on my computer. Sure enough, I have
both UDP 7648 and 24032 being used.

- Chris

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