Find Other Schools Using CU-SeeMe / A Special Holiday Bundle

Gary Dietz (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 17:45:02 -0500


<bold><italic>FREE LIST and Information

</italic></bold>a. For those of you new to CU-SeeMe, or those who haven't
been reminded in a while, the Global Schoolhouse maintains a list of over
2500 schools around the world that use CU-SeeMe. You can find this list

b. Also, White Pine now sponsors the Distance Learning Resource Center, a
web page that now houses a few case studies of CU-SeeMe and
Reflector/MeetingPoint use in K-12 and University. This is an area that
will grow in 1998, and it will grow by having you provide input and
direction. Visit it at

<bold><italic>A quality camera AND video capture card AND (2) CU-SeeMe's
for US$199

</italic></bold>White Pine has an excellent holiday bundle. Purchase a
Winnov capture card, a Winnov Chat Cam, and (2) Copies of CU-SeeMe 3.1
for $199. Wow! Great price, and you can have two sites up and running
(one sending video, the other receiving) for less than $200! Or, a great
way to supplant your systems if you already have one camera. Check out for details.

As always, your busy holiday elf,




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