Re: CU crashing with Compro and Is there a better video conferencing software product ???

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Sun, 14 Dec 1997 08:44:36 +0800

I have a Compro D and I love it . I don't know why yours is crashing , but
I suspect it is with the firewall/server from all the compaints that I have
viewed on this newsgroup .I also have a quick cam . I find no difference in
their quality. But the quick cam looks cool on the PC :)

I am new to CU-See Me so maybe I need to give it another go , but I am not
impressed at all. I have used
( Phone now for a
year without complaint. With the addition of a full duplex sound card , I
am able to conference with the rellys in the United States from Australia
daily .

On Vocal Tec -Internet Phone ,our video is in color with a short delay
from realtime and we have near telephone like quality on audio. As on IRC
, there is a list of current users already on site . The cost was 79 US $
for two licensed copies.

Contrast this with the black and white CUSeeMe video that remains a lot of
unscrambled pixels 10 minutes into the conversation. And CUSeeMe reflector
sites where all users leave thier headsets off and write in text boxes
because the audio is clumsy , memory consuming , and incomprehensible.
Trying to find a current reflector list is not easy either. I have not
found any of these sites to be different ( )
Does it get better ? Is there a color /audio/user list on site version ??

If you are seeing color and getting fast full duplex sound with CU-See Me,
than please share your methods and your reflector sites with me.

The only advantage that I see thus far is that CU-See Me seems safer and
more sane. I must open up a private channel on Vocal Tec Internet Phone
because there are numerous users looking for others that share there own
fetish. It is not a censored site. I have just installed a camera at the
school where I teach . Since there are an appalling number of users seeking
cyber sex on the VocalTec Internet Phone , I suggested that we try the CU
SeeMe that came with our Cam it is version 92b.

Perhaps things are a LOT better in 3.1

Catherine Curran
of the Curran Clan
Warnbro , West Australia

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: From: Rob Cates <>
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: Subject: CU crashing
: Date: Saturday, December 13, 1997 2:04 PM
: Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions about my computer not
: recognizing my new cam.
: Now, it is running and doing great except that it is constantly
: crashing. It seems like as I leave one reflector and go to
: another.....boom.
: I am using a Compro D color cam and CU version 2.1.1 on a Pentium PC
: running Win95. I suspect it has something to do with the cam and not
: the software because I used my b/w Quickcam pretty much problem free.
: When I am on a reflector, I can stay on as long as I care to but
: connecting or reconnecting frequently involves CUseeme crashing and then
: I have to reboot and ......
: BTW, other than the crashing...I really like the Compro. It works well
: and looks great especially with NetMeeting, which never crashes.
: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
: Best
: Rob
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