Re: CU crashing with Compro and Is there a better video conferencing software product ???

Jason Williams (
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 01:11:22 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, Curran Clan wrote:
> I am new to CU-See Me so maybe I need to give it another go , but I am not
> impressed at all. I have used
> ( Phone now for a
> year without complaint. With the addition of a full duplex sound card , I
> am able to conference with the rellys in the United States from Australia
> daily .

Keep in mind... Internet Phone (which is up to 5.0 I believe) is designed
for point to point conferencing...NOT multipoint conferencing. Gotta
compare apples to apples..not just all fruit.

> Contrast this with the black and white CUSeeMe video that remains a lot of
> unscrambled pixels 10 minutes into the conversation.

Enhanced CU does color.. The B&W Cornell version is free..I haven't seen a
free version of Internet Phone :)
As far as being scambled...that has a lot to do with your settings. Last
I checked, Internet Phone doesn't let you regulate your settings manually.

> And CUSeeMe reflector
> sites where all users leave thier headsets off and write in text boxes
> because the audio is clumsy , memory consuming , and incomprehensible.

Actually, from what I've see..people don't use audio for OTHER reasons.
It's much easier and widely accepted to use the chat window to
communicate. Imagine having several versions of Internet Phone, each with
different levels of support for audio and you'd have the same thing
happening. Internet Phone doesn't handle chat window activity very
cleanly at all. CU-SeeMe does.

It wasn't until just a year or so ago when attempting audio at all over a
modem connection was "incomprehensible".

> Trying to find a current reflector list is not easy either. I have not
> found any of these sites to be different ( )

I've tried to point White Pine to my reflector's updated
automatically daily for current reflectors. Try

> Does it get better ? Is there a color /audio/user list on site version ??

White Pine's version does do color and has several lower bandwidth audio

> If you are seeing color and getting fast full duplex sound with CU-See Me,
> than please share your methods and your reflector sites with me.

The reflectors vary in their support for audio....
As mentioned above...until recently, doing audio on a modem was
impossible... EXPECTING 30fps and crystal clear audio on a modem is still
just a fantasy.

> The only advantage that I see thus far is that CU-See Me seems safer and
> more sane. I must open up a private channel on Vocal Tec Internet Phone
> because there are numerous users looking for others that share there own
> fetish.

That's a problem in general of videoconferencing programs that use
directory servers. There's no way to limit who can connect to them.
CU-SeeMe separates people by reflectors...different types of reflectors
catering to different groups.

> It is not a censored site. I have just installed a camera at the
> school where I teach . Since there are an appalling number of users seeking
> cyber sex on the VocalTec Internet Phone , I suggested that we try the CU
> SeeMe that came with our Cam it is version 92b.

You can also disconnect from the directory server I believe...not sure
though since I don't use Internet Phone much.

> Perhaps things are a LOT better in 3.1

It provides color and lower bandwidth audio...but, while the
inefficiencies of 0.92b2 may be corrected, it has its own set of problems.

(BTW..I've had great success with audio on 0.92b2)

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