Alvena Hyde (
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 07:09:16 -0500

My fiance and I talk on cu-seeme, direct IP to IP, frequently...we use
an ancillary program "atchat" from abbott systems for the chat, because
it will page the other person and tell you their IP, which is very
helpful for hooking up the cu-seeme, plus if the cu-see me goes down, we
usually still have the chat.

Anyway, this morning something weird happened..the connection started
fading, and finally we lost connection..I didn't change my IP, he did.
When he re-connected to me, MY IP had changed...not a lot, from like .67
to like this possible? Or is it more likely that the atchat did
not read the ip correctly to begin with? and we had a good connection
the 2nd time after the re-connect.

Alvena Hyde