Mac questions

Ann Morrison Fisher (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 02:18:55 -0600

Hi all:

I'm a newbie, and I have several questions. I have a Performa 6400 with an
L-2 cache, an Apple video card, and plenty of memory. I've downloaded the
software from Cornell but haven't tried it yet - just playing with my

1) I bought a refurbished Color QuickCam for $99 - is this what you're
calling a Connectix VC?

2) I want to set up my son & family so we can talk. But they're using AOL
as their provider, and I can't even send them an attachment. Can they use
CUSeeMe going through AOL?

3) They have a Performa 6205 CD (603e, I think) with 1G and 16 mg and a
cache. Do they need a video card to use the Color QuickCam? Do they need a
video card to use CUSeeMe? Is that enough RAM? It's 32 mg with RAM Doubler.

4) In his office my son has my old Performa 460 with a 240 hard drive. It
runs 68030 at 33 MHz, has no cache, and uses a software math processor. I
forget how much RAM there is. Could he run CUSeeMe? If so, how much RAM
would he need?

5) Just lurking here, it looks like it's a major hassle to get CU SeeMe
working. I'm patient, but my son isn't. Isn't there any simple explanation
somewhere that will ensure a hassle-free start-up? (Or are the people with
problems Windoze users, as usual?)


P.S. If you'll forgive me, a non-CU note to Mac users. I just bought an
Apple TV-FM card. They're being discontinued because they don't work well
with all models, but Mac Mall found one for me and it does work on my
model. I love it! I sometimes work with the TV in a small window, but
often I just have a nearby small TV on - then if there's something I really
want to see well, I just switch over to video and put it on full screen.
I'm never going to spend much money on a TV again, just a bigger monitor!
If this interests you, better see if you can find one fast - the company
should know which models it works on.