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You decide.

Download free Mac 3.1 preview version from:

With respect to level of machine required, it's NOT a simple question as 5
main items affect the useability of any Internet VC or Telephony product:

1. Processor speed
2. Bandwidth to ISP
3. Desired quality of audio and/or video
4. What is acceptable to user
5. System Memory

White Pine's CU-SeeMe is NOT targetted towards ONE group of users (i.e.
28.8 dial-up hobbyists or corporate LAN users), but is targetted towards
all level of users.

That said, in my opinion, we could/should probably do a better job at
warning users when they configure the product in a non-optimal way (such as
using codecs not designed for 28.8 or not setting caps properly or using
CPU intensive codecs on low end systems). We've taken the first step, by
having a smart initial set-up which will create a default configuration
which is optimal based on the users answers to the initial set-up
questions. However, users are able to go and change these settings...which
sometimes leads to non-optimal performance.

Also muddying the waters are remote user settings which can also affect a
local users performance/quality.

As with any Mac application, having enough (or more than enough) system
memory (RAM) is always a good idea. Making use of Virtual Memory (VM) and
forcing an application to page to disk will affect performance.

Lastly, let's face it...some people are just thrilled to be able to see
someone else (even at 2 frames per second) and hear "most" of what they are
saying..while others (such as businesses) require fluid video and near
perfect audio. White Pine's CU-SeeMe IS CAPABLE of both if configured
properly and if THE USER has the correct hardware and bandwidth to do so.

So, the best thing for new users to do, is to download the free Mac 3.1
Preview, install it, answer the set-up questions truthfully, and determine
for yourself whether or not you feel it's the greatest thing since sliced
bread or just another internet application not worth the asking price.

You decide.


>On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Ann Morrison Fisher wrote:
>> Yikes! So the Cornell software is only B&W? So what software would you
>> recommend for the Mac?
>Unless you have Open Transport, a relatively fast machine, and loads of
>memory, I'd stick with the Cornell version...
>I've heard 3.1 on the Mac is fairly stable for a lot of people..and it
>does allow for MJPEG color..but it also takes a pretty big machine...I'm
>not a Mac person though.
>I know a LOT of Cornell Mac users who dislike the interface on 3.1 much
>worse than the PC users which dislike it :)
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