Re: 64..128 MB needed for next generation W.P. CU-SEEME 4.X ?

Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 07:56:39 +0100

Gary Dietz schrieb:
> 5a) That being said, WP CU-SeeMe will eventually (I won't say when ;-)
> be available as an ActiveX, Netscape Plug-in or other "container type"
> applet. Don't like the UI for your purposes? Well, then design your
> own bloody UI and shaddup! ;-) <-- big smily; I love our customers...
> Really, I do!

Hmm.. Netscape 4.0 needs a 64..128M LINUX machine (Yes!), a 64 WIN-NT
4.0 machine or a 32 MB WIN95 machine, at least. A typical videophone
plugin is probably worth another 4 MB or so. N-Plugins (WIN 3.1, WIN95,
MAC and LINUX) and ACTIVE-X are totally incompatible, from the pov of
the software programmers. So if videophone software must decide between
M$ support and Netscape support, and we know Bill and how he handles
business, this decreases sales numbers and so the success for those
products which don=B4t support both/all !

What I really need is a *slim* videophone which works with direct
connections *and* Internet, combined with a fax,data and voice mailbox
answering machine and E-Mail client. So SUPERVOICE or PHONE TOOLS or
whatever You got with Your voice modem *plus* a vidphone like VOCALTEC
Iphone,VDO Phone, Netmeeting or W.P. CU-SEEME, that=B4s what I need ! So
if the phone rings, my computer detects what kind of call it is and
activates the right tools to receive the call ! Of course the video and
audio transmission must be *standard* (V.80, H.XXX,G.XXX) so that any
video caller may connect !

There are so many video phone packages for ISDN (using 1 or two lines,
with and without a PC, with (expensive) hardware cards and video cams),=20
but.. there is **no** such product for analog modems which combines the
usual modem software with video phone software. Remember, with ISDN, by
the separation of services, a FAX is sent to another output device than
an "analog" phone call. So for ISDN, video chats are data transmissions
and may be handled by a totally different software than the FAX software
and the answering machine software in the PC if all works well. This is
not true for analog lines, there must be *one* program which detects the
type of call and then calls modules for operation. But as far as I
know, in USA, analog non-ISDN communication is still standard. Even most
special features of ISDN are availabe for analog users in USA (voice
conferences, knocking on door..). So I hope that there will be such
products in the future !

Do we remember times when the typical Internet machines were 4 MB MACs
or PCs, and everything worked well (I started with 32 MB and 486-80 in
early 1996, though) ?

All about CU-SEEME, Iphones, refs and so on:

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