Location Module

Joe Izen (joe@utdallas.edu)
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 17:59:27 +0900


>That said, in my opinion, we could/should probably do a better job at
>warning users when they configure the product in a non-optimal way (such as
>using codecs not designed for 28.8 or not setting caps properly or using
>CPU intensive codecs on low end systems). We've taken the first step, by
>having a smart initial set-up which will create a default configuration
>which is optimal based on the users answers to the initial set-up
>questions. However, users are able to go and change these settings...which
>sometimes leads to non-optimal performance.

The WP (and Cornell) version needs an Apple location module. So when you
unplug your ethernet connection and bring your powerbook home, you can fire
up the modem and CU-SeeMe painlessly.

I do this a lot, and switching settings gets old :-)

-Joe Izen