audio only static and whispers

James C. Laughrey (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 00:10:21 -0500

My Dad and I are trying to use CU-SeeMe to videoconference. We tried th=
DeltaMod setting for Audio, but we still only get hisses and static when =
try to transmit audio. Is there something we should check that might
improve the audio?
Is there another program we could run simultaneously that might give us
better audio? Any suggestions would be welcome.

I'm using Win 3.1 and CU-SeeMe version W0.84B7. My modem is a Cardinal=

MVPV34ISP (33.6Kbps v.34 voice modem with speakerphone).

He is using Win95 and CU-SeeMe version .092b2. His modem is the US
Robotics Sportster Winmodem 28,800 bps v.34.