Re: Cornell slide window

Chris Silverberg (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 08:34:10 -0500

At 6:08 AM -0500 on 12/16/97, J. Michael McGill wrote:

> I have the Mac Version .87b1 of the Cornell version of CU. What is the
> slide window for, and what can I do with it, and how?

The slide window is for, sending slides! ;-) Specifically, sending still
images in full color at any (resonable) size to anyone else that has the
slide window open at the time.

Each slide you receive can be saved or copied, and you can browse the
slides you've received as you go. To make slides, you can grab an image
from your camera, paste an image, or grab a snapshot of the screen.

Do note that the slide window is only available in the Mac Cornell version
of CU-SeeMe, so it is not a cross platform solution. For cross platform,
you'd be better suited to White Pine's whiteboard.


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