Re: Cu Success followup + info for Chris

Brian K. Dowtin (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 08:59:32 -0500 (EST)

Just a follow on our cu success story and info
for Chris..

The version we were using is 2.x.x trial which I installed for them
when they came to visit back in May.

ICQ - was great no problems, did nothing special, and it started cu for


Just an aside, tried again last night (just happened to see the inlaws
One problem was they kept poping in and out of ICQ - not sure what
was the issue there
Worked well, still have a little fiddling to do with audio.

Last time we talked I told them the get the trial of Connectix's Video
Phone so we could try that.

We tried Connectix video phone - it has a simple interface for the most
part and not too many things to fiddle with.

1. Didn't detect my soundcard as full duplex - no way to force it
2. Somewhere in the switch they lost audio record on their end
4. Frame rate was very, very slow -and they said our video disappeared

- all in all I wasn't pleased with it. I actually had kind of high
hopes for it.
- I know much of the stuff could be made better by tweaking but its just
soo incredibly hard to tweak someone else's computer from miles away
"Press the third button from the left... not the green one.. the blue

I'm having the second line put in, and bringing my mom (and her PC) down
for the holidays. That'll let us try out software in real world situations
and make tweaking almost trivial. We plan to try them all - and then get
one for everybody. Cu still seems the best - but we'll see.