Re: CU Goings on at White Pine

Andrew Clarke (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 19:15:50 BST

** Reply to note from Tue, 16 Dec 1997 02:00:13 EST

[major snippage]

> 5) User Interface - I'll repeat our position again. We are more
> concerned with the "average" user for the 3.1 commercial releases of
> CU-SeeMe (like my Mom!). We realize that some CU-SeeMe 2.x and freeware
> users don't like the new UI. But many do. I have many customers and
> testers who adore the new interface. It is a matter of opinion. I've
> said it before and I'll say it again -- try it, if you don't like it,
> don't buy it. Capitalism is a wonderful thing!

Here's a nice, capitalistic idea: continue to sell 2.1.2 with reduced
support for those of us who dislike the new interface to the point where
they write web-pages telling people why they think it's a pile of cack.

(I reserve the right to change my opinion as and when I can be bothered
to download all 10.4Mb of 3.1 to check if WP have made the one *simple*
UI change which I loathe. But I seriously doubt they have done.)

> 5a) That being said, WP CU-SeeMe will eventually (I won't say when ;-) be
> available as an ActiveX, Netscape Plug-in or other "container type"
> applet. Don't like the UI for your purposes? Well, then design your own
> bloody UI and shaddup! ;-) <<-- big smily; I love our customers...
> Really, I do!

Cool, then we can get *real* newbie Visual Basic programmers design an
interface, not the wannabe's that WP employed.. <insert smiley here>

> *THAT* is why I'm not worried about the complaints I hear about the
> current "commerical release" UI.

You should be, virtually everyone *I* know hates it.

"It'll be fixed in a later version"... You're not trying to be Microsoft
are you? (Perhaps you employed the designers of Microsoft 'BOB' to do the
UI? :)


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