Reflector software for nt 4.0 configuration?

Joseph P. Schepis (
Thu, 18 Dec 97 09:38:08 -0800

Back in October, there was some info in this group about Brian Godette's Enhanced
Reflector for NT 4.0. I've downloaded the 1.07b7 version of the software and read
through the "reflector.doc" file, which actually is just a text file version of the
configuration settings. Even though I've set up two conferences, I get the message:

No Conferences! Creating default conf ID zero

I think my problem is, once I've adjusted the configuration, I don't know what file name
to save it as. Another reflector - which never ran right - looked for a file
"reflect.cfg" so I gave that a try without luck. Does anyone know how to set the
configuration for Goddette's Reflector?

Once I get this thing running, I'd be happy if some of you helped me check it out.

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