Video capture card or Connectix Quick Cam

james butler (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 12:36:16 -0800

I have read until I am going nutts. I have an ATI mach 64 video card. I
want to use the CUSeeMe program I downloaded from Cornell U. It is the
latest program.

I went through the set up and did the phonebook thing and that seems to
be fine. When i went to Preferences I have no "video" tab or page and
there is not one "grayed" out.

It says that the Connectix Quick Cam requires no video capture card.
This vital issue and only the slightes reference to it somewhere in 400
pages of stuff I have looked at.

I cannot get any video from any connection. I do not have a camera yet
because I wanted to make sure the program worked. I do not have the
preference page for video.

Do I need a special capture card if I use this CQCam? Where is my
preference page and is that the reason I can't get ANY video now??

THANKS EVERYONE that will talk to me!!!!