Re: Video capture card or Connectix Quick Cam

Bill Woodland (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 18:24:00 -0600

At 12:36 PM 12/20/97 -0800, James Butler wrote:
>>I have read until I am going nutts. I have an ATI mach 64 video card. I
>>want to use the CUSeeMe program I downloaded from Cornell U. It is the
>>latest program.=20
>>I went through the set up and did the phonebook thing and that seems to
>>be fine. When i went to Preferences I have no "video" tab or page and
>>there is not one "grayed" out.
>>It says that the Connectix Quick Cam requires no video capture card.
>>This vital issue and only the slightes reference to it somewhere in 400
>>pages of stuff I have looked at.
>>I cannot get any video from any connection. I do not have a camera yet
>>because I wanted to make sure the program worked. I do not have the
>>preference page for video.=20
>>Do I need a special capture card if I use this CQCam? Where is my
>>preference page and is that the reason I can't get ANY video now??
>>THANKS EVERYONE that will talk to me!!!!


Once you get the quickcam, install the software that comes with it. The
quickcam requires no video capture card, but it DOES need a DRIVER. You
won't get the VIDEO tab until the driver has been installed. Once you've
done this, if you still can't get it to work, follow Rich Kennerly's

>1) Run the QuickCam installer.
>2) Make sure the capture driver, called QUICKCAM.DRV, is in the
> /WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.
>3) Check the file SYSTEM.INI (in the /WINDOWS directory) and make sure
> there's an entry in the [drivers] section for msvideo like this:
> msvideo=3Dquickcam.drv
> If you've had another capture driver installed you might see another
> driver listed as msvideo and another entry, msvideo1=3Dquickcam.drv. In
> this case you should switch the quickcam to be msvideo and the other
> driver to be msvideo1.
>4) Use the Win'95 Control Panel for Multimedia. On the 'Advanced' section,
> double click on the Video Capture Devices icon. You should see an
> entry for QuickCam. Double click on the icon for QuickCam. Make sure
> the "Use the video capture device" choice is selected.
>5) Restart Win'95.

At 02:26 PM 12/20/97 -0800, Scott Breseke wrote:
>Hi Jim. The Quickcam requires NO capture card. Also, your ATI card is a
>regular video card, NOT a video CAPTURE card.
>If you had either the quickcam or the capture card installed I'm sure your
>video tab on CU would be showing up. I don't like the Cornell version of
>CU, I greatly prefer the White Pine version. Most use the M-JPEG codec for
>both b/w and color. Get the White Pine version at
>The demo version times out every 30 mins, but it's a much better version.
>One big reason u may be receiving any video now is that most CU users send
>vid with M-JPEG codec, which the Cornell version of CU cannot see at all. U
>need the White Pine version of CU to see those vids.

Scott, I must disagree with you in part. You're right that the Cornell
version doesn't support the M-JPEG codec, but I wouldn't say that MOST
people use that codec. There are many people in the world that still use
the Cornell version of CU, or the White Pine 2.1 version and b&w quickcams.
If someone shows up as a SENDER in the Cornell version, then Jim should be
able to see their video. =20

Keep on trying. Check the University of Texas reflector, or my ref (NO
Blues). Many people there send good old b&w video, so you should at least
be able to check out the program before buying a camera.

BTW you can get a REFURBISHED b&w Quickcam from http:/ for
only $50 US, and the REFURBISHED color cameras are only $100 US.

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