Re: Mac Questions

Ann Morrison Fisher (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 08:16:57 -0600

Mark Andrew Nassy <> wrote:

>> 1) I bought a refurbished Color QuickCam for $99 - is this what you're
>> calling a Connectix VC?
>i cant say for sure but i think the connectic vc is a black camera that
>works with the usb port on pc's only. if im correct the quickcam u have is
>white or slightly off white.

It's beige, the same as my Mac. It has to go into either the printer port
or the modem port.
>> 2) I want to set up my son & family so we can talk. But they're using AOL
>> as their provider, and I can't even send them an attachment. Can they use
>> CUSeeMe going through AOL?
>its easiest if they use aol 3.x or newer. if they have an older version
>suggest they download the new version. if not they may have to download a
>file to enable them to use tcp/ip applicatons other than those aol
>this information works for pc users but i suspect it is valid for mac users

I tried aol 3.0 and I was dismayed - it sprayed stuff all over my hard
drive like a Bill Gates program and then activated without my telling it
to. I hunted out every bit of it and went back to an earlier version.
>> 5) Just lurking here, it looks like it's a major hassle to get CU SeeMe
>> working. I'm patient, but my son isn't. Isn't there any simple explanation
>> somewhere that will ensure a hassle-free start-up? (Or are the people with
>> problems Windoze users, as usual?)
>it seems to me that it is an artform to get cuseeme to work just right. its
>quite a challange as u may have noticed. different people have different
>recommendations for their transmit and receive as an example.

An art form? That's intriguing!