Re: Video capture card or Connectix Quick Cam

Si Ballenger (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 23:26:39 -0500

>BTW you can get a REFURBISHED b&w Quickcam from http:/ for
>only $50 US, and the REFURBISHED color cameras are only $100 US.

In the latest PCmall catalogue under the quickcam VC they have a small
line advertising the b/w quickcam $39.95 (after $20 rebate if bought before
12/31/97). The site has some interesting video capture
hardware in their auction area with bidding prices being pretty reasonable
(philips easycam setup ~$139, OEM version of the winnov conference pro) and
the philips easy video cards ($39-49, OEM version of the winnov videum A/V).