Rick Miller (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 23:41:36 -0600

I have been using Cornell version.092, CU for quite a while now,
with great success. B-W Quick cam, Win 95 ,62megs memory, pentium
200,33.6 modem. I have been a server list watcher for most my Cu
experience, I am a computer novice so I am lost when someone says here ,
they use codec h???.
I dont know where to find a codec , or which is the best for
what I do with CU. I connect with one person , in Canada on a daily
basis. She is running vertually the same system as I , with just as much
The whole purpose we even have all this equipment , with the softwares
we have is to help cut down the expence of or phone bills.
There for, anything we can do to improve audio (voice) over the
net would be helpful. Voice on Cu has been fair , but I believe it could
be better. its understandable , but the volume must be increased to at
least 3/4 volume on speaker output to hear it. We have found voice on
Powwow to be much more understandable, but cant use voice on Powwow
while CU is in use. Conflicts with each other.I am always looking for
better ways and would appreciate any help I can get!
I think the major concern here is , what is the best codec
for v.092. and where do I get it, and where do I place it once I have a
better codec then comes with my version of Cu SeeMe?
Thanks in advance!
Also thanks for all the good information I have already read on here .
I may not post here , but I have gained so much knowledge from everyones
postings in the past! Trick