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Jason Williams (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 05:29:40 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 21 Dec 1997, Rick Miller wrote:
> The whole purpose we even have all this equipment , with the softwares
> we have is to help cut down the expence of or phone bills.

If it's just phone bills you wish to cut down on, I've had pretty good
success with Internet Phone (with and without video)....It's audio is
great now...In the early days, the audio on it was quite muffled.
Anytime you run video WITH audio, one or the other will suffer due to
bandwidth constraints. (Even if you're using a highly compressed codec
like the 2.4kbps codec with the White Pine version, that's 2.4kbps less
that you can send with. If I remember, Iphone is at available from
Vocaltec (

> There for, anything we can do to improve audio (voice) over the
> net would be helpful. Voice on Cu has been fair , but I believe it could
> be better. its understandable , but the volume must be increased to at
> least 3/4 volume on speaker output to hear it.

THe 0.92b2 version uses the default win95 Volume Control for it's audio
levels. Try turning the mic volume up from the volume control panel.

> We have found voice on
> Powwow to be much more understandable, but cant use voice on Powwow
> while CU is in use.

If your sole purpose is to save phone charges, drop CU and use Powwow :)
I use CU for both video and audio, not simply video OR audio.
If you're only looking into 1-1 connections, look into Internet Phone,
Netmeeting, ICUII, Honeycom, XtX, or iVisit. For point to point
conferencing, there are other programs which seem to give faster frame
rates and better quality audio. Only programs besides CU that attempt
to offer multipoint conferencing are XtX and iVisit.

And yes, I'm neglecting to mention CU I haven't gotten any audio
to work with 3.1, I can't comment on its audio performance...I'll leave
that to Gary Dietz and his mom :)

> I think the major concern here is , what is the best codec
> for v.092. and where do I get it, and where do I place it once I have a
> better codec then comes with my version of Cu SeeMe?

The Cornell version only offers two internal audio codecs without any way
to expand them. Intel DVI at 32kbps and Delta-Modulation at 16kbps.
Intel DVI works great if you have the bandwidth (seen a few rock concerts
on CU which used the Intel DVI and sounded great). Delta-Mod works great
on modems with the right settings. My guess is you've been using
Delta-Mod. Just as a comparison:
WP 2.1.1/2.1.2 adds these codecs: Digitalk 8.5kbps - great for voice
Voxware 2.4kbps - a bit distorted for me
WP 3.1 adds these codecs on top of 2.1.X: G.723.1 6.4 kbps
G.723.1 5.3 kbps

It would be nice if CU had the ability to choose which audio codecs to use
like the WP version lets you choose which video codecs to use. Instead,
it's hardcoded into the program. So if you're on 0.92b2, you don't have
much of a choice. I've had great success with Delta-Mod though.

> I may not post here , but I have gained so much knowledge from everyones
> postings in the past! Trick

Glad you delurked :)

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