Re: Crypto Signed Messages

oreoboy (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 08:40:52 -0500

I understand the request. However, I was wondering if the community's
hardware and software, etc. has changed in the original reasons for asking
for NEWSGROUP posts to be ASCAI.

For example, say, one wanted to include a graphic of an ad showing an audio
visual product for discussion purposes. How would that impact readers? Is
allowing non-ASCAI posts opening a floodgate that will further clog The Net?

Thanks for your kind replies.

Brian K. Dowtin wrote:

> A polite request:
> Please - try not to use crypto signiatures or the html features of
> your mail program when posting. Especially when they are 4-5x
> longer than your message. The easier to read the list is the
> better, the above just make it harder to muddle through to get
> to the messages.
> Thanks.
> Brian Dowtin