Re: Crypto Signed Messages

Jason Williams (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 09:18:49 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 24 Dec 1997, oreoboy wrote:
> I understand the request. However, I was wondering if the community's
> hardware and software, etc. has changed in the original reasons for asking
> for NEWSGROUP posts to be ASCAI.

My guess is no... From what I've seen, people usually give URLs of
non-ascii text..
I've seen lots of people complain about binaries in non-binaries guess is it's the same for mailing lists.

> For example, say, one wanted to include a graphic of an ad showing an audio
> visual product for discussion purposes. How would that impact readers? Is
> allowing non-ASCAI posts opening a floodgate that will further clog The Net?

In the case of a mailing would impact them a whole lot..unlike
newsgroups where you can just grab the headers, the email programs I've
seen download the ENTIRE message.

If the average message is around 2K..even a small graphic of 20K is 10
times bigger than the message.. 20K encoded takes up more space..
For most people, that's 20K of mail space...people have limited mail it does eat up space..

Also look at it from the listserv's standpoint...I don't know how many
members are on the listserv, but I'd guess around 5000. If a normal
message is 2K, it has to send out 5000 X 2K = 10,000K = 10 megs of mail
for each msg.
Now if a few messages are 10 times bigger, that raises it to 100 megs of
mail for those messages. Needless to say, my guess is it will slow down
the deliver of messages thru the listserv

It's not so much about non-ascii it is ascii-encoded posts
(typically MIME would be my guess..since uuencoding/uudecoding seems to
have gone out) As far as clogging the net, a lot of the routers are
already congested, so it's a moot point. Anything that uses up more
bandwidth than before has the potential of congesting the routers.

Just my 2K worth :)

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