RE: Crypto Signed Messages

John W.Osborne (
Thu, 25 Dec 1997 21:43:04 +1100

The issue is less what kind of hardware and software
the "community" (whatever that is) is using but more to do with
telecommunications speeds. Even if I have a Cray II
with a terabyte of disc storage, those images and artificially
inflated text are still going to dribble in at a relatively low
modem speed, for most users, anyway.

In my experience in the newsgroups so far, I've found little
need for piles of images to describe a problem, or even
much in the way of fancy formatting that RTF or HTML
encoded messages might afford me. At times I suppose
some embedded italics or some boldface might be nice,
but I can generally get my emphasis across in other ways
such as ***this is important*** and so forth.

I also shudder at the thought of what all those unsubscribe
messages would look like in full living colour employing even
font known to man :0)

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Subject: Re: Crypto Signed Messages

I understand the request. However, I was wondering if the community's
hardware and software, etc. has changed in the original reasons for asking
for NEWSGROUP posts to be ASCAI.

For example, say, one wanted to include a graphic of an ad showing an audio
visual product for discussion purposes. How would that impact readers? Is
allowing non-ASCAI posts opening a floodgate that will further clog The Net?

Thanks for your kind replies.