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Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Thu, 25 Dec 1997 09:40:15 -0600

John W.Osborne wrote:

> The issue is less what kind of hardware and software
> the "community" (whatever that is) is using but more to do with
> telecommunications speeds. Even if I have a Cray II
> with a terabyte of disc storage, those images and artificially
> inflated text are still going to dribble in at a relatively low
> modem speed, for most users, anyway.
> In my experience in the newsgroups so far, I've found little
> need for piles of images to describe a problem, or even
> much in the way of fancy formatting that RTF or HTML
> encoded messages might afford me. At times I suppose
> some embedded italics or some boldface might be nice,
> but I can generally get my emphasis across in other ways
> such as ***this is important*** and so forth.
> I also shudder at the thought of what all those unsubscribe
> messages would look like in full living colour employing even
> font known to man :0)

I also think that many of us are missing the point of simpification for those
people who live where net use is very expensive. Time online is charged by the
minute in some locations. A large attachment is not just time consuming to them,
but it can be ruinously expensive.
I have kids who will not watch a black and white movie. Why? Because they have
become so spoiled by our technology that their imaginations have become stifled.
So many of the movies that are coming out nowadays are 75% special effects and
25% content. One of the nicest perks to simple text internet is it give those of
us who like to write a chance to create and extend our imaginations and yours
into the world of letters, numbers and symbols. With all the bells and whistles
we have at our disposal in this glut of technology, we are being diminished and
stunted in a way.
I think this idea can be extended to include the ever more complex and
complicated videoconferencing tools we are seeing, so I do not consider this
subject to be far from the mission of this list.

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