Re: CU-SEEME with AOL 3.0

Wayne Fisher (
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 13:40:54 +0000


I am assuming you are connecting to the internet using the AOL dialer,
and not the Windows 95 dialer:

One thing you may want to check: since Cornell 0.92b2 is 32-bit Windows
95 software, it requires that you also use a 32 bit winsock connection
to the internet. If you are using AOL 3.0 (and you say that you are NOT
using the version of AOL for windows 95), chances are you are using a
16-bit version of winsock provided by AOL. To get the Cornell
software to work properly, you will need to do one of the following:

(a) Upgrade to AOL 3.0 for windows 95. This will provide you with a 32
bit winsock, allowing you to use Cornell 0.92b2.

(b) Keep AOL 3.0 as you have it, but, since it uses only a 16 bit
winsock, you can only use the Windows 3.1 version of CU, which, sad to
say, is not as nice as the 32 bit version.

Since you are using AOL 3.0 (NOT the windows 95 version of the
software), your winsock is only 16 bit, so you are limited to 16 bit
(i.e. Windows 3.1) net applications. Sad to say, it seems as if MOST
internet phone software now is developed for only the Windows 95 and Mac
platforms... other operating systems like OS/2, Windows 3.1, Linux, etc.
seem to be left in the dust. Your main problem is probably the fact
that you are using the Windows 3.1 version of AOL.... upgrading to a
REAL ISP, or at least the Windows 95 version of AOL, will probably
correct your problem. To the best of my knowledge, all net phones which
provide you video in a windows environment require windows 95 (the
exception is White Pine's Enhnaced CUSeeMe software - the older version
2.11 works under windows 3.1; and the older version of the Cornell CU

For more information on CUSeeMe:

Bill Woodland's CU-SeeMe Info Page (probably the best source of info for
the Cornell freeware version of the software):

Cornell University's CUSeeMe Page (the original source of info):

Streak's CU-SeeMe Info Page (beside's Bill Woodland's page, this is
ANOTHER excellent source for CU questions):

Hope this helps....

Bill and Streak... if I got anything incorrect, please let me know....

- Wayne

RobAlpert wrote:
> Holiday Greetings!
> Is the Cornell 0.92b2 compatible with AOL 3.0 (I'm not running AOL for Windows
> 95)? I have a B&W Quick Cam and after installing Cu-SeeMe I keep getting
> an error message that reads something like: UDP Socket not found or set-up or
> connected...Is there something I'm missing?? I used to get the older version
> of Cu-SeeMe to work in Windows 3.1 and to work in AOL. If this won't work can
> anyone recommend an alternative software package (like Net Meeting)?? Thanks
> in advance.