Re: CU-SEEME with AOL 3.0

Jason Williams (
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 09:32:40 -0600 (CST)

On Tue, 30 Dec 1997, Wayne Fisher wrote:
> Sad to say, it seems as if MOST internet phone software now is developed
> for only the Windows 95 and Mac platforms... other operating systems
> like OS/2, Windows 3.1, Linux, etc. seem to be left in the dust.

I don't know how "sad" it is that support for Win3.1 has been
dropped...For the other platforms (OS/2, Linux, FreeBSD, and the other
various Unix Os'), I can see that lack of support isn't a good thing.
Win3.1 just doesn't have the same kinda of power that 32-bit operating
systems provide. For the Unix systems (and OS/2), the power is
there..just no support. With Win3.1, there is little power...Granted, it
can do a lot, but with lack of 32-bit support it's very hard to keep
support in a 32-bit, 64-bit, and 128-bit world.

I was sad to see 16-bit support dropped as well when I was using
Win3.1..But I had some money saved up and ended up getting a fairly decent
system with Win95. I still don't know why powerful Pentium systems today
are sold with Win3.1...just seems like you can't really take advantage of
the computer that way.

As for the videoconferencing side of it, things are continuing to
progress. While videoconferencing programs require a fairly hefty system
to run correctly, they can also do much more than the 16-bit version of CU
can. People are demanding more and more and the software developers are
providing. People are also EXPECTING more and more. It's funny to hear
people complain about getting audio thru a modem when just a few years ago
I remember the old Cornell docs: "Audio on a modem is NOT possible". That
was back when the only codec was the Intel DVI 32kbps and you were lucky
if you had a 14.4kbps modem. Things have progressed quite a bit since
then. You COULDN'T have had the same audio codecs back then that you have
now because of the processor required to use them.

Point is...videoconferencing is still a growing field..The faster clock
speeds and processors you get, the more videoconferencing will be able to
do. (Though I doubt 30fps 320x240 or 640x480 multiple vids will ever
happen on any modem).

> upgrading to a REAL ISP, or at least the Windows 95 version of AOL, will
> probably correct your problem.

AOL bandwidth support is pretty spotty at times...Some people I know on
AOL get great bandwidth...others are lucky to get any more than 9kbps.

> To the best of my knowledge, all net phones which
> provide you video in a windows environment require windows 95 (the
> exception is White Pine's Enhnaced CUSeeMe software - the older version
> 2.11 works under windows 3.1; and the older version of the Cornell CU
> Freeware).

Freevue has ok vid...but it's 16-bit ONLY...too bad the guy in charge of
that ran off to head up Real Systems (real audio/video)

> Bill and Streak... if I got anything incorrect, please let me know....

Looks good to me...just had to add my commentary :)
White Pine has info on getting CU to work with AOL:

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