Re: Few Quick Questions

Michael Sattler (
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 00:17:28 -0500

At 20:15 1/31/95, Kyle Bolstad wrote:

>where can I find plug-ins for CU-SeeMe? Are they useful?

They're new and mostly non-existant.

>Second, is it possible for me to conference with a friend for
>example who also has CU-SeeMe running, or is a special
>server required?

No special server is required for two people. That's called
point-to-point. A special reflector is required for multiple people.

>Finally, is there any list of all the IP addresses running CU-SeeMe,
>such as radio stations, chat groups, etc.

Check for such a reflector list and
pointers to other web pages that deal with CU-SeeMe.

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