FS-200 quirks; question for developers

Leon (lwm@probe.geo.umass.edu)
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 06:16:23 -0500

First, the question! Will the new Windows CU-SEEME continue to support

the FS-200 board?

Secondly, the quirks: CUSEEME seems to recognize the presence of the FS-200

even if the FS-200's video capture / display software is not running. Does

this mean CUSEEME is allocating bandwidth to transmission even when the user

has told the CUSEEME software he will not be transmitting video? I've had

slow reception since installing the board, even when I've told CUSEEME I

won't be sending.

Therefore, CUSEEME must be looking in a specific memory location to detect

the board. It might help to know what this location is. I'm guessing the

software also makes assumptions about where to *write* to memory. It

would *definitely* help to know the range it uses: since installing the

card, I've noticed my EMS memory manager won't run ("Unable to load page

frame base address" is the error message). During transmission I get

(after a while) a sudden flurry of messages saying: "Write OC PacketO:

"send to" error (10050). If I ignore and continue past these,

after a while my display colors all go haywire (this resolves when I close

CUSEEME). I'm guessing this means either stored video information or

error messages are getting written to some part of memory that is also

used my Windows or my display drivers (Diamond Speedstar Pro). Could this

be a function of the non-running E-memory manager (EMM), a poor choice for

the base address of the board, or some unrelated quirk of CUSEEME? Is

there a workaround? (I have not gotten the video capture feature of the

board to work yet, though this doesn't seem to matter to CUSEEME. Creative

Labs says the failure of the video capture feature must be due to an IRC

conflict, though the system reports the IRQ I've selected, IRQ 11, is free.

I wonder if this is related to the "Write OC Packet O: "send to" error

(10050) messages I've been getting.

Finding out the answers to these questions, along with whether CUSEEME will

continue to work with the FS-200 when the new version of CUSEEME is released,

would certainly be of use to all alpha/beta testers of the Windows version.

Best regards,

Leon Malinofsky