CuSeeMe with PC-NFS

Bob Chapman (
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 09:12:44 -0500


I hope this is not an faq....doesn't seem to be in the faq list on the ftp

I'm trying to run CuSeeme W0.34b4 on a PC over PC-NFS v 5.1a with WfW 3.11
(although I've tried standard Windows 3.10, and the problem still stands).
When I connect to a sending Mac or reflector, I get the Cuseeme windows
opening up with the Cuseeme logo and an initial frame rate of, say, 10fps.
However this quickly drops to 0 and the BEST I get is a few pixels in one
of the Windows, otherwise all Windows just remain with the Cuseeme screen
and NO video at all is received. The connection seems fine, I can happily
disconnect - the PC is not dead.

NFS is mentioned in the Cuseeme documentation, so I can only assume
somebody is using it. Any help greatly appreciated.

Btw, it DOES work OK via the Trumpet Winsock, but I'd dearly love to get it
working over PC-NFS since this is our standard setup and we NEED the NFS
side of things.


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