Run two copies of CU-SeeMe on one Mac?

Mark Sundstrom (
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 15:25:53 -0500

Just thought I'd throw this out to the developers as food for thought --
maybe this is easy to do, maybe not.

Is there anything done in CU-SeeMe that would prevent more than one copy of
it from running on the same machine?

Say for example I have two separate video sources - a VideoSpigot and a
QuickCam. I want to set up CU-SeeMe #1 to use the VideoSpigot and CU-SeeMe
#2 to use the QuickCam, then run both at the same time.

This currently doesn't work - the second copy fails with an obscure error
code about "Can't open MacTCP". And, of course, there may be a conflict
with both copies wanting to use the same Pref and Nicknames files.

So - is this totally out of the question?