Re: CuSeeMe with PC-NFS

Glen.D.Ebbage (gde@ncc01.ho.BoM.GOV.AU)
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 09:53:17 -0500

The fact is that the tcp/ip stack and winsock that comes with PC_NFS
does not work with cuseeme. This should be in the faq. I dont know how
many replies I have fielded to pc-nfs users with this problem. You have
to set up two tcp/ip stacks with packet multiplexing software; one for
pc-nfs one for trumpet tcp/ip.
I am sending my solution details to the gentleman involved but if I get
enough responces I will also send it to the list. The reason I have not
done so before is because it is very specific to a limited number of
cu-seeme users and a little lengthy.

cheers, (0 0)

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