Cu-SeeMe / local MBONE

suction-cup-tentacles (
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 20:47:41 -0500

Hello Everyone!

I am going to present an idea here, and request help as to whether this
is possible or not.

Suppose I have a mixed LAN environment: PCs, Macs, and unix
workstations. I would like to have the capability to videoconference
between any of these machines. I was wondering if the following
configuration were possible? PC's and Mac's connect through Cu-SeeMe,
they can communicate with the unix boxes through the reflector, which I
understand is able to function as a Cu-Mbone gateway.

I seem to recall that you can run MBone software (NV and VAT) locally,
without a connection to THE Mbone. I believe you just need to install
the multicast kernel on some machine which will serve as multicast router.

I could load NV and VAT on all of the unix boxes on the LAN, run a local
Mbone between them and a Cu-Seeme reflector, and talk to any of the PCs
or Macs on the same LAN. Which would make for a fairly inexpensive cross
platform videoconf system for the LAN.

If anyone would like to share comments or suggestions for this idea I
would really appreciate hearing them. I am not yet up to speed in every
detail of this technology.