Re: What is MSFT?

Michael Sattler (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 02:06:09 -0500

At 17:24 2/1/95, Leon wrote:

>What is MSFT? The "MS", I'm sure, is for MicroSoft; there's a rumor
>MSFT will be a part of Windows '95. I would assume it's Bill Gates'
>answer toŁ the Mac System 8's Quick Time VC software. Any details?

MSFT is the "symbol" under which Microsoft stock is traded.

QTC is Apple's QuickTime Conferencing. QTC has nothing to do with MacOS 8;
it's running on my machine right now (for some value of the word

Additional information about the QTC beta. It's completely not designed to
run on low-bandwidth lines. The readme suggests that a single b-channel
ISDN 56 kpbs line is the minimum configuration. A bunch of us will be
trying out on slower lines (by virtue of necessity).

Several people have asked me for suggestions on getting QTC. Call your
local Apple Sales Engineer (many companies have one person they deal with
at Apple) or call some Apple Sales, Marketing, or Developer services
(depending upon who you are). QTC is considered a mainstream inter-office
video-phone thingy (my words) so even if you're unable to get a beta, I
believe you won't have to wait long to compare it to CU-SeeMe.

It's unclear to me whether Apple will be making a QTC for Windows (like
they did the free QT for Windows).

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