Windows color problem

Dany Vereertbrugghen (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 04:13:31 -0500

I'm using WFWG3.11 in 256 color mode and the b4 version of CuSeeme.
The pictures I get from CuSeeme are not displayed with grayscales.
Some shades are represented in a blue color, other in something more
yellow-like. It really makes the images look bad.
The problem goes away when I switch to a higher color depth (but then
I have to decrease my screen-resolution).
I use an ATI-GT mach64 video board.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem? (previous versions of
NCSA mosaic had the same problem, but they fixed it themselves).


Dany Vereertbrugghen
Autonomous Agents Group
Pleinlaan 2