Re: Run two copies of CU-SeeMe on one Mac?
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 07:56:27 -0500

In addition to concurring with Mark's suggestion, I would like to amplify
it somewhat. One of the objectives that I am trying to achieve is
sending stereoscopic video. I have been investingating several
approaches, however I believe that separate instances of Cu-SeeMe is a
highly desirable one (primarily because it allows me to separately
buffer images to each eye). While this may or may not be of interest
or concern to others, if the feature was available it would aid in my
development projects.

Best Regards,

Patrick T. Stingley

Just thought I'd throw this out to the developers as food for thought --
maybe this is easy to do, maybe not.

Is there anything done in CU-SeeMe that would prevent more than one copy of
it from running on the same machine?

Say for example I have two separate video sources - a VideoSpigot and a
QuickCam. I want to set up CU-SeeMe #1 to use the VideoSpigot and CU-SeeMe
#2 to use the QuickCam, then run both at the same time.

This currently doesn't work - the second copy fails with an obscure error
code about "Can't open MacTCP". And, of course, there may be a conflict
with both copies wanting to use the same Pref and Nicknames files.

So - is this totally out of the question?