Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 329

Dustin Goodwin (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 09:13:19 -0500

Rich Kennerly writes...
> The 'external codec' is a driver that runs outside of CU-SeeMe and
>translates between a standard input format the CU-SeeMe wants and whatever
>format the Capture card wants to provide. The one we have, written by
>Michel Carleer, translates from RGB 8, 16, and 24 bit, and, hopefully,
>Indeo, to CU-SeeMe's 256 color palette. When we publish the spec for
>these drivers, people will be able to easily(relatively) add support for
>other cards without having to dig into the CU-SeeMe code.

Wait I get it. The external Codec is software! This whole time I have been
thinking it was an external DSP chip. I FEEL STUPID. So this software will take
a video stream from the VFW interface translate into a standard CU-SeeMe format
and then hand it CU-SeeMe for broadcast! Wow that's great, you should have told
us sooner. It probably would have avoided all that griping about hardware

Thanks, you guys are the best.