reflectors, cusm, and the MBONE

Kent Wada (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 12:37:07 -0500

There has been a quiet but persistent thread on this list that talks
about the options in joining the CU-SeeMe tool with the tools from the
MBONE world (nv and vat in particular). Both Mike Richards
<> and Mike "suction-cup-tentacles"
<> have posted messages about this very recently, and
I myself have detailed to this list in the last week or so the
experiences we've had here at UCLA on how what we have managed to do
and what constraints we have found in this area.

The section that describes this in Michael Sattler's very nice FAQ in
WWW is rather out-of-date. More importantly, however, it would seem
that most people aren't even aware this section exists. Is there
something we can do to make it higher-profile? I would be willing to
help update the information in that section if it would be of use.


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