Can one use CUSM with TIA?

Michael Gallagher (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 12:03:10 -0500

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I am having trouble connecting to a CuSeeMe reflector.

I run TIA on my Internet provider's Unix machine - which provides me with a
virtual SLIP account. I use a 14400 modem between my Windows For Workgroups
PC running the Trumpet Winsock and the provider's machine.

After attempting to make a connection in CuSeeMe, I get a message "No
Response from [...server name...]", even if I try this during normal
business hours. I've tried it with up to a dozen different IP addresses.

The question of the moment is: Can CuSeeMe operate using TIA? One PC is
not networked, the other is a peer on WFW 3.11. I've tried several
variations of the host file with different combinations of IP address and
name - but always using the same computer name as that entered in CuSeeMe
file|preferences|Your_Name field.

I'd appreciate any insights. Thanks. M.