Re: Fwd: type without video or audio?
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 16:44:22 -0500

>>From: "Irl N. Duling" <>
>>Date: Wed, 01 Feb 95 09:34:31 -2400
>>I am on a PPC 8100 with Sys. 7.5 using CU-SeeMe .80b2 without any video
>>boards or mic (yet) attached to my system. When I start up CU-SeeMe I do
>>not get a dark Local Video Window as described in the User's Guide,
>>although when I attach to a reflector I can see and hear what is going
>>on. It would be nice to at least be able to type to people without video
>>or audio. Is this possible?

If CU-SeeMe does not find a supported digitizer (currently SuperMac
VideoSpigot,Computer Eyes/RT,AV model Mac, or Connectix Quickcam) at
startup, you will not get a Local Video Window. However, with version .80
or higher you can send text messages using the "Talk" plug-in module that
was distributed with CU-SeeMe. If this file is in the same folder that you
launch CU-SeeMe from, then it should get loaded and you will see an
additional item labeled "Talk" on the menu-bar. Once you have opened the
Talk window, anything you type there will be distributed to anyone else who
has the Talk window open.

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