Cu Pc/Mac modem to PC/Mac modem. Is it feasible?

Alain Caillet (acaillet@dow.on.doe.CA)
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 21:38:00 -0500

When one party does not have or want a dialup access, can
it be imagined that the two CU-SeeMe could link over a
"pseudo SLIP" sending the packet over the tel line without
the transit on the Net.

This would be convenient within a local call area and at 28K
it shouldn't be so bad. Speech impaired people could see
each other and communicate with scrolling text!

If the waiting modem take the call and connect, can the incoming
packet be passed to the socket with a dummy IP a bit like
it's done in TIA?

Just an idea ....Alain

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