Re: QuickCam without AV card

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 05:50:59 -0500

At 00:57 2/2/95, robert w. Jackman wrote:

>I have a Mac7100, no AV card, which runs CU-SeeMe pretty well using the
>QuickCam. I am kind of surprised by this. Is this because of the VRAM on the
>7100? If not, then will the QuickCam run CU-SeeMe from other non-AV Macs,
>as the Centris 650? The FAQs that I have found don't seem to be very clear on
>the subject of running CU-SeeMe without an AV card of some kind.

The Connectix QuickCam will run on non-AV Macs. For definitive info check out

It has some photos, Connectix's in-house FAQ, and pointers to other related
web pages.

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