Re: MacBinaryII+

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 05:51:24 -0500

At 07:52 2/2/95, Hill wrote:

>Have D/L Version ppc.0.80b2.bin which I understand is for the PowerMac. I
>am running a 7100/AV. The software will not load and I get the message that
>I need MacBinaryII+. Can anyone tell me where to find this last (I hope)

Use an archie client to find it for you.

You can avoid this heartache by having a both Anarchie (an FTP client) and
Aladdin's DropStuff/EE installed on your Mac. Anarchie will allow you to
get the file, and the rest (binHex, MacBinary, decompressing) will be
handled for you automagically.

Anarchie and DropStuff/EE are available from the many UMich and Info-Mac
mirrors worldwide.

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