Re: Fwd: type without video or audio?

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 05:51:06 -0500

At 05:09 2/2/95, wrote:

>Many of us PC users would be able to
>participate if we had a sound-only capability.

Speaking only for myself, not for Connectix, I feel that PC users should
know that the QuickCam/PC is being worked on as I type. It shouldn't be
too long now that you've got your own desktop camera for cheap.

Speaking only for myself, not for the CU-SeeMe team, I imagine there will
be some interest in supporting the QuickCam/PC when it comes out, as long
as Connectix does the right thing (re: engineering the software
requirements) so that doing supporting it doesn't require hiring a team of
fifty people to work around the clock...

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