Re: Mac users - new disk image utility

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 06:21:17 -0500

At 00:43 2/2/95, Carter Coberley wrote:

>I just got my QuickCam today, and excitedly unpacked it. To my dismay, the
>install Disk 2 was corrupt and I cannot install the software. I have a
>functional disk 1, but install disk 2 is dead and I can't fix it.
>I've already e-mailed Connectix, but they have not responeded yet.

They know. I was the first person to mention this when I got a blank disk
2 a few months back. I'll send you the disk image under separate cover
(not everyone on the list may want a copy :-). I'm sending this note to
the list at large to let them know that ShrinkWrap is a totally magnificent
disk image utility that obsoletes MountImage and MungeImage, and possibly
Apple Disk Copy as well. It doesn't suffer from the fatal flaw that
MountImage has with fragmented files on the master disk (causes the
installed files to be subtlely corrupt).

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