arvell (arvell@bilbo.pic.net)
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 08:44:05 -0500

Arvell sez,

I get bad video of myself in the local visedo window and no audio and I'm
unable to send text when using cuseeme on my pc. I have a 486 DX 66 with
Media visons sound and capture boards with a B&G micro spy cam and the
internet global phone software. I'm on a 14.4 SLIP. I recieve you guys ok
whenever I connect to a reflector but I can not send video, text, or s/r
audio. I will soon have the user's guide which may help.

What I get on video is a real bright image that the brughtness control can
not adjust for. But when I use my cam for capture or viewing (VFW VIDCAP)
it's ok. But cuseeme is too bright with a slghtly distorted image. As for
sound there is none. And how do I sent text ? Is there a reflector that
works with a pc? How do I install infra red leds on my camera? And finally
what are the magic nubers for setting the kbs rates for a setup like mine?
Any and all help would be parriciated, THANXXXXX!!!!

Arvell in Dallas
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