Re: Cu Pc/Mac modem to PC/Mac modem. Is it feasible?

Alan Larson (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 12:23:15 -0500

> When one party does not have or want a dialup access, can
> it be imagined that the two CU-SeeMe could link over a
> "pseudo SLIP" sending the packet over the tel line without
> the transit on the Net.

It is not "pseude SLIP", it would be the real thing.

SLIP is just a framing protocol to transmit IP over a serial
line. It doesn't have to be sending these packets to an internet
provider to make it SLIP. If each machine has an IP address, and
is routing packets to the other machine's IP address via the slip
interface, then they will talk IP over the line. They don't even
need modems, if you are local!

> If the waiting modem take the call and connect, can the incoming
> packet be passed to the socket with a dummy IP a bit like
> it's done in TIA?

No. There is no dummy IP involved. Each machine has a real IP
address (though you may have to just make them up), and sends IP
packets to the other.